A Story of Four Angels

Spry Candles - Angel Wax Melter

Once upon a time, there were four Angels named Hope, Peace, Prosperity and Joy. 

The above is how we all remember stories starting. There is no doubt that 2020 has been a tough year for many people in the United Kingdom. COVID-19 has brought many severe challenges to homes and businesses. It is hard to not find someone within our respective circle of friends and families that has not been touched in one way or another, throughout this last year by the current pandemic. Our Angel Wax Melter is adorned with four Angels, and it is here we introduce our first Angel on this fabulous melter…Hope.

As scientific progress is being made, it brings with it a hope that a treatment will be arriving that will allow us to reunite with family and friends, to attend events altogether again, and to re-engage with the old normal we had. For many businesses, it will bring hope that they can open up again without lockdowns and re-affirm their relationships with their customers. Mainly, it is a hope that family and friends, and the overall general population around the world will be safe from illness and hardship. This is the hope which Spry wishes for everyone in 2021.

Our second Angel is prosperity. We know that many families and business owners have faced extreme hardship this year. In most cases, this is through no fault of their own. With a relaxation in lockdown measures and the success of a vaccine (hopefully) then 2021 needs to be a year of rising from hardship and pressure. This Angel represents prosperity coming back to your family, to your work, to your business so that you can enjoy peace and serenity throughout 2021. This leads us to our next Angel.

Our third Angel is Peace. For many of us, worry has been a focal point. A lack of peace from worry, from illness. This Angel represents peace in 2021 for you and your family. It represents calmness, laughter and the hope for our next Angel.

Our final Angel is Joy. Joy has been in short supply in recent months. Yet joy is a crucially important feeling for most people’s mental health and wellbeing. It is a powerful feeling and one we wish to be in abundance for you all in 2021.

So, we want you to bring our Wax Melter into your home, and the Angel’s of Hope, Prosperity, Peace and Joy. You can buy this by clicking the button below.

Spry Candles would like to wish you a hopeful, prosperous, peaceful and joyous Christmas and here’s to us all in 2021.

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