Spry Candles

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Spry Candles

Spry Candles produces a range of natural wax candles and our infusions have one of the highest percentage of fragrance available on the market.

Natural wax is free from toxins and petroleum, making a cleaner, cooler and longer burning candle.  We do not use any paraffin wax as this is a petroleum by product and is very toxic.  Most companies went from this option straight onto soy wax as an alternative however soy/palm wax is leading deforestation and hence very harmful to our environment.  We use a beautiful combination of renewable oils and waxes which nuture our planet.

Spry Candles was launched in 2012. The business’s main focus is to offer high quality, luxurious, natural products for the discerning customer who understands and seeks such characteristics in the products they buy. All our products are hand made in Great Britain thereby generating work and wealth for the country we live in. We are very patriotic and this philosophy was the driving force behind the brand.

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