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  • Trim the candlewick to 3mm and centre each time before burning. Long or crooked wicks cause uneven burning and smoking.
  • The ideal burn time is 3 to 4 hours, as this allows for all the wax to heat up to the edges of the candle and avoids a ‘pillaring effect’.
  • Place burning candles at least 3 inches apart from one another to prevent improper burning.
  • Always burn candles in a well-ventilated room.
  • Keep burning candles away from drafts, vents and ceiling fans. This will help prevent uneven burning and avoid flame flare-ups.
  • Keep burning candles away from all flammable materials, including drapes, bedding, carpets, and paper.
  • Do not place the lid on the base of the container whilst burning.
  • Be sure the candle is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface to prevent heat damage to tables and cracking of glass containers.
  • The wax may contain some air bubbles and swirling as a result of being hand-poured. These features make each candle unique.
  • Store your candle in an upright position and avoid direct sunlight or heat.
  • Always keep a burning candle within sight. Extinguish all candles when leaving a room or before going to sleep. Make sure the wick ember is no longer glowing.
  • Use a candle snuffer to extinguish a candle. It’s the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering.
  • Never extinguish candles with water. Water may cause hot wax to splatter or the glass container to break.
  • Extinguish a candle if it smokes, flickers repeatedly, or the flame becomes too high. The candle isn’t burning properly and the flame isn’t controlled. Let the candle cool, trim the wick and then check for drafts before re-lighting.
  • If the candle is left burning for more than 4 hours, sooting may occur. Extinguish the candle and allow the container to cool before cleaning it with a tissue and trimming the wick.
  • Sometimes candles may display a ‘frosting’ effect or may ‘sweat’ causing droplets on the top of the candle. Both of these are normal characteristics of natural wax candles and are nothing to worry about. It will not affect the quality or burn of your candle.
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes to control fragrance sweating.
  • Discontinue use when ½ inch of wax remains. This will prevent possible heat damage to surfaces or the container itself.
  • Do not pour melted wax down the drain as it may cause a blockage.
  • Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets, and away from where they could be knocked over.
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