Give yourself a Hygge!


What’ s more there is evidence that living like our Nordic cousins has a significant positive impact on our health and wellbeing.
So what exactly is the Danish way of living that creates such a ‘Hygge’?
We have found a book that explains much more than we can here and it is full of wonderful insights and ways to better yourself and your overall health, it is called ‘How to Hygge – The Secrets of Nordic Living’ by Signe Johansen.

Here a few tips from the book:

Get out of the Gym
This is something I live by already. Gyms cannot give you fresh air, vitamin D or the resistance of the elements when you run. This is backed up by studies which found that those who exercise outdoors are far more likely to stick to a fitness routine than those that don’t.

In Moderation 
The Nordics believe in ‘lordagsgodis’ – Saturday Sweets – and allow children to have a small bag of pick-and-mix once a week.  Studies show a treat every now and then can help people stick to diets and regimes.

Sing for your food. 
Any Brit invited to a Swedish smorgasbord has either looked on in terror – or worse, been forced to join in – as everyone around the table raises their glasses of aquavit (a Scandinavian botanical spirit, like gin, but better) and begins to loudly sing a ‘snapsvisa’ – a drinking song. As Johansen points out in ‘How to Hygge, a spirit of healthy hedonism reigns supreme in Nordic culture, and to the Scandinavians, aquavit without singing would be like roast dinner without gravy.
A 2013 study by scientists at Gothenburg University found that singing in unison has similar benefits to yoga. Researchers found that choristers’ heartbeats and breathing synchronise, which helped lung and heart health.

So there you have it, throw in a few candles, get outdoors, treat yourself and sing and everything will be much better but leave IKEA until you are feeling the Hygge.



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Stylist Live 13th – 16th October Business Design Centre, Islington, stand M151.

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