Spry Candles gains official Vegan Society Trademark


We are thrilled to announce that Spry Candles have today completed registration from the Vegan Society, and gained permission to present our products with the Vegan Society trademark. This trademark recognises and confirms that our waxes and essential oils are natural and that they are not tested on animals.

Spry Candles - Sheep

We believe that our natural environment is crucial for all of our futures. Spry Candles are passionate about ensuring that we do everything we possibly can to source sustainable natural ingredients when manufacturing our fantastic candles and soaps. We only use natural oils and our rapeseed is grown right here in the United Kingdom. Our packaging is biodegradable and can be recycled. 

We are continuing to look at ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Vegan Society Trademark

Spry Candles invited the Vegan Society to examine and question us on our products. This was an extensive process as you can imagine. The Vegan Society examined the ingredients we use to manufacture, their origins, how they are produced, whether they are plant/vegetable based ingredients? We use only natural and eco-friendly vegetable-based waxes to make our scented candles. Protecting the environment is very important to us, so we pride ourselves on using sustainable and renewable natural wax which is free from harmful paraffin toxins.

Following their audit and analysis they have now provided and given permission for us to use their trademark for our communication and marketing. 

Spry Candles has always sought to provide a service that serves all communities. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to provide confidence to our Vegan and environmentally aware community when considering and purchasing our products. We are proud that our products can now bear the Vegan Society trademark.

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