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SPRY has created many more answers to luxury home fragrance since we launched and from time to time we have talented Bloggers try our products.

As thoughts turn to gifts, we thought this was an ideal opportunity to inspire some of you and share a Blog from the past.

I wanted to try Spry Candles because they have a £7 ‘starter’ candle which not many other brands do. We all secretly know that scented candles are an absolute decadence but if you’re being asked to cough up £50+++ without really knowing what you’re getting, it’s quite a leap of faith. I asked to try the £7 offerings from Spry rather than larger sizes and I’m happy to say that they’re really rather lovely.
I have Persian Rose on the burn currently which is sweetly rosy (obviously!) and a mid-point between mild and fulsome. I was, with no disrespect to Spry, expecting a bit of a non-scent which is often a lower priced candle fault, but not at all. There is enough that I know it’s there but not so much that I hit a rose wall when I go in the kitchen!

I like the little pail options as well – very sweet for a summer garden (also, note the use of the world ‘pail’ sounding a million times nicer than a bucket! I was all ready to use bucket…). The main picture is Shade of Noir – pomegranates with down-notes of violet and plum. The pails are £12 and larger candle sizes go up to £39. I wish more brands did ‘starter’ sizes so that you aren’t taking pot luck quite so much.

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